Ira Curry, of Stone Mountain, Ga., announced as one of two Mega Millions winners


Curry will take the lump sum, leaving her with $120 million after taxes. The San Jose, Calif. winner has yet to come forward.


Mega Millions winner Ira Curry with her husband, Talmer Curry, in London last year.

Meet your hundred million dollar winner.

Ira Curry, 56, of Stone Mountain, Ga., has come forward as one of the two who struck it rich in the massive Mega Millions jackpot drawing.

Cheers! Ira Curry is the big winner in the massive Mega Millions drawing. She’ll take the lump sum, leaving her with about $123 million after taxes.

Curry will take the cash option and, after taxes, will rake in about $120 million, Georgia Lottery Corporation president and CEO Debbie Alford said at a press conference from Atlanta on Wednesday.

“They were very, very excited about the win,” she said. “They’re still in a state of shock.”

Curry did not know of her win until this morning. She heard on the radio that the Mega Ball number was 7, the one she had picked, Alford said. Curry called her daughter, who read off the rest of the winning numbers through “joyful tears and laughter,” Alford said.

“I asked her how she kept from veering off the road and she said she was just in a state of disbelief,” Alford said.



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